Rök Islington

Flavours you never thought would work out together are singing in perfect harmony. The saying that opposite do attract is perfectly evident in the Rök kitchen as seasonal British produce gets married to a strong Nordic theme and twist.

At Rök you're in it for a sensational emotional foodie journey.

Your taste buds will get sweet, salty, zesty, full of flavourful food. The different textures go from smooth to crispy to crunchy to a fluffy mousse style. Oh, and Rök is Swedish for smoke which gives a hint that - yes, the food is smoked.

What to eat:

1. Blackened cabbage with nori rice, macadamia nuts & Swedish Västerbotten cheese.

2. Crispy Pigeon fillets with silky earthy Jerusalem artichoke pure & Muscat grapes

What to drink:

Negroni with fresh grapefruit.

Location: Ely's Yard, Old Truman Brewery, 2 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR

Website: www.roklondon.co.uk/islington

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