Leave the herd behind at Black Sheep

I was lured in by a sign saying “Depresso: That feeling you get when you've run out of coffee.”

Desperate to cure my state of depresso I headed inside.

This place is so cool and edgy. It’s located in a lane way between Gresham Street and Cheapside attracting caffeine craving lawyers and other professionals.

You can tell by the taste that they take great pride in their coffee. But even more so, their gluten free salted caramel brownies are so decadent and yummy and irresistible. If brownies are your thing (why wouldn’t it be hey?) trust me: you will love this brownie.

So leave the herd behind and head to Black Sheep!

Location: 125 Wood Street, EC2V 7AW

Website: www.leavetheherdbehind.com

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