Show your love at Maison d'etre

Maison d'etre is a neighbourhood independent coffee house serving delicious and sustainable breakfasts.

Think carefully selected local, seasonal and organic ingredients and you’ll get a picture of this place. Then add to this picture that all all cakes and treats are homemade by the owner Kim and staff. That to me shows some real passion for serving your guests only the best produce and with great respect.

Feel good & do good

Maison d’etre doesn’t just have a passion for good food – get their loyalty card and if you buy 9 hot drinks you will not just get the 10th drink for free – another hot drink will be donated to a homeless on your behalf. A place that will make you feel good and do good is a no brainer to me: visit asap.

Location: 154 Canonbury Rd, London N1 2UP


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