High level dim sum at Hutong

One of the most architecturally striking skyscrapers on London’s skyline is arguably The Shard, with its eight sloping glass facades beautifully disappearing into the sky. Standing at 310 metres this building was designed by Renzo Piano who took inspiration from London church spires and masts of tall ships portrayed by 18th century Venetian painter Canaletto.

Hutong restaurant is situated at Level 33 which is not even half way up the building, but the restaurant still offers spectacular views over River Thames and greater London.

After having felt like I’ve stepped into the future entering The Shard, I am now transferred back to the Qing dynasty during the 18th century. The interior reminds me of the Peking Palaces I have visited with its lanterns, wide wooden chairs, silk curtains and a Wishing Tree hung with red wishing cards.

Named after ancient narrow lanes – hutongs – in Beijing, Hutong serves contemporary Northern Chinese food. And just like Hutong, its dim sum is on a higher level. The baked wagyu beef puffs and tiger prawn with black truffle dumplings are just sensational.

Another dish to go for is the Roasted Peking Duck which is served in two stages. A chef will start by slicing up the perfectly glazed crispy skin duck in front of you and serve it with pancakes, cucumber and spring onion slices, and hoisin sauce. The remaining part of the duck will be made into a flavoursome mince mix and served with lettuce leaves just like a San Choy Bau.

Before you leave Hutong, make sure to ask for a wishing card to fill out and hang on a Wishing Tree branch.

Location: The Shard, 31 St Thomas St, London SE1 9RY

Website: www.hutong.co.uk

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