Hocus Pocus Heston!

The Meat Fruit starter looks like a mandarin placed beside a piece of grilled bread on your plate. Once you remove the green leaf decoration, cut it, it will get transformed into a baby gouda cheese lookalike. And when you put it in your mouth you will notice it is surprisingly silky and tastes like the most delicious chicken liver parfait you’ve ever had.

Mr Blumenthal let’s the guests do the magic tricks on his food at award winning restaurant Dinner By Heston in Knightsbridge.

The menu is all through enchanting and experimental, - it continuously plays tricks on my mind and taste buds. The 'Chicken cooked with Lettuces' main looks simple, kind of like a chicken sausage placed beside a lettuce leaf with mayonnaise on top. There is however nothing simple about this dish – the chicken is cooked using the confit method making it extra juicy and it is topped with a very crispy skin. My prejudgment about lettuce being plain and boring has been proven outrageously incorrect – this flavoursome lettuce leaf is the star of a flawless dish.

The Tipsy Cake dessert consists of a slice of spit roast pineapple and a very light fluffy bread bun like cake. This dessert absolutely blew my mind due to its deliciousness, - I’d go back just for this cake.

For those with an appetite for exploring the science of food, the liquid nitrogen ice cream is a must. They will even give you the front seats to this chemistry cooking show as they roll out the machine and make the ice cream in front of your table.

The interior at Dinner by Heston is subtle and elegant with a view of the kitchen showcasing pineapples rotating on spits over an open-fire, which is really cool. The service is excellent. Go for a truly magical foodie experience!

Location: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London, 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA

Website: www.dinnerbyheston.co.uk

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