North-bound Breakfasts

I’m one of those people who tend to get sick when I’m the most relaxed. Hence after having spent two weeks in my home country Sweden filled with nature strolls, meatballs and hour long 'fika' breaks (coffee + cinnamon bun + chat), a horrible cold hit me as the plane descended on Heathrow airport.

5 days in bed and overdosed with self-pity I was screaming for at least one meal outside those walls.

Lucky for me, living in Islington in north London – there are some pretty awesome spots with great breakfast served at untraditional hours just around the corner.


Do you want your Eggs Benedict at 3pm and your grilled chicken ciabatta sandwich at 9am? Well the staff at The Barn are not going to preach what food is to be eaten at certain times; here the menus are all day so feel free to live outside the meal box!

I also liked that I could just order completely off the menu – scrambled eggs with chili oil on a sourdough piece of bread with some grilled asparagus – without anyone raising their eyebrows.

This place is a family business and they will make you feel home with everything from the cosy environment, and warm staff, to their homemade cakes. And of course, most importantly, the coffee is very good!

Location: 60 Holloway Road Islington N7 8JL


SUNDAY: Sawyer and Gray

This place got the feel of a trendy Scandinavian archipelago house – whitewashed wood, country-chic minimalistic interior with some pop out colour details.

As much as I like the Scandi style I was happily surprised to find Brioche French Toast on the menu. Decadently covered in crispy bacon, grilled banana, pure maple syrup, cinnamon mascarpone, and pecan dukkah that is a cure for any previous state of self-pity. Matched with a high quality (albeit a bit weak for my taste) macchiato.

Location: 290A St Paul's Rd, Highbury East, London N1 2LH


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