Beautiful Blandford-Comptoir shows why Europe is epic

Your feelings towards Brexit aside, rest assure that there are no uncertainties around choosing suave bistro Blandford-Comptoir for your next long Sunday lunch or midweek dinner.

Founder Xavier Rousset will take you on a journey that will make you fall in love with Europe.

Master sommelier Xavier Rousset’s CV covers many Michelin-starred restaurants – including winning a Michelin star himself – and also opening the 28-50 Wine Workshop & Kitchen in London.

No surprise then that Blandford-Comptoir’s wine list is long and impressive with quite a few wines from my own birth year – 1983 included. It’s safe to say there is no risk you will pick the wrong wine to accompany your meal and if you aren’t sure there are people who know what they’re doing.

My Top 3 food picks:

  1. Sicilian red prawn carpaccio with Amalfi lemon oil

  2. Pan fried Gilt Head seabream with parsley and clam risotto

  3. Side of confit new potato with glazed onion

Location: 1 Blandford Street, London W1U 3DA


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