First trip Scotland: The train ride

Packing went swimmingly well for our weekend trip to Scotland. It took 3 days. Almost forgot our passports. Do you even need passports when travelling from England to Scotland? I assume it's the same country but then they have a football team each in the World Cup. United Kingdom is a mystery (this extends beyond Brexit). Passports better come.

This is Liv's first taste of travelling to distant lands. Incredibly exciting and terrifying at the same time. First class sounded too extravagant so we decided to travel like the ordinary people we are. Immediately told to fold up the buggie. The big Bugaboo buggie. We don't know how to. Realised that as the busy train fills up and passengers are bumping us left and right. Finally managed to fold up pram. Bassinet takes up our full table. We're all squashed in our seats so better no need to pee. Hoping my postpartum sore bum will fall asleep from the rolling movement. Hoping we will all just sleep for a lovely five hours.

Gazing out on the beautiful English countryside. Mind wandering to Jane Austen novels. Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy. Dummies. Where's the dummy?! Baby's tossing and turning and what if she starts screaming? Everyone's gonna hate me on the train. They tell you not to give a f&ck but you do.

Time to breastfeed. Where's the muslin square? Can't reach it. Let's hope there's no vomiting. Laughing quietly to myself as she unlatches from the breast. I'm showing my nipple to a handful of neighbouring passengers and pretty much anyone walking by. I need to use my free hand to protect her head from bouncing into the wall. So nipple will have to be on show. After all I'm Swedish and we love nudity. A nipple showing crazy Swede with a sore bum and a baby in a bassinet. Edinburgh here we come!

Lessons learnt

  • There is no need to show your passport when travelling between England and Scotland.

  • Don't be nervous. Baby loved the train:must be the constant movement and bit of white noise.

  • Become a master of folding up the pram prior to travelling.

  • Make sure to have dummies and muslin squares close at hand.

  • For a five hour train ride I would pay a bit extra to go in first class. At least for as long as the baby is travelling in a bassinet.

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