Buggy fitness with a cute weight

So I am back at the gym with a bang after 7 months of no work out (well apart from pushing out a baby, lifting a growing baby and pram strolling through London's broken pavements on a daily basis). Pumped and in brand new active wear I was both shocked and embarrassed at how I almost collapsed to the floor after 10 squats. Nevertheless, the feeling of being back on track and working up a sweat feels SO good. I had forgotten all about the feel-good chemical endorphins that get produced even from a quick training session.

The class I took is called 'Buggy Fitness'. You can bring a baby aged 6 weeks to 1 year to this 45 minutes post-natal exercise class which on rainy days is held in MG Fit in Fitness studio on Balmes Street, and if weather allows outdoors in Shoreditch Park.

Focus is on posture and working out the ab and back muscles through low impact exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. All new mums know about the dreaded pelvic floor exercise. For me the pelvic floor exercises are my guilty conscience. They are so simple but somehow I forget them every day. And continually I'm lying to doctors and physios that of course I am doing them regularly. Conclusion = getting them as part of a fun work out is great.

What was also great is I worked out with my two mum friends so we could have a few laughs. Even better, our babies were hanging out, -singing and playing with no tears shed. Happy times for all.

Buggy Fitness Timetable: Monday 11:30am-12.15pm & 2:30pm-3:15pm Wednesday 11:30am-12.15pm & 2:30pm-3:15pm Friday 11:30am-12.15pm & 2:30pm-3:15pm

Website: www.mgfitinfitness.com

Address: 6 Balmes Road, London N1 5TQ Email: info@mgfitinfitness.com

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