In memory of Mikayla Maricic (1991-2017)

The world has lost an amazing human being. Someone who endlessly pushed for social justice and in particular equal rights for women and girls.

At only 26 years of age her impressive CV covered great professional achievements such as being a Tutor at the University of Western Australia and the Founder of Barely Branded. Mikayla was also an ambassador for the One Girl project, believing that every girl on the planet has the right to an education.

I was privileged to work on many creative projects with Mikayla, one of them being this blog.

Being one of the most innovative, intelligent and inspiring people I have ever met, Mikayla also showed me that working can be crazy fun - full of giggles and laughter.

I was looking forward to a lot more of this. Mikayla, you will inspire me for the rest of my life both at a personal and professional level. Let's carry your legacy forward and believe in ourselves, in others, in girls and women, and in a better world.

You used to share inspirational quotes and here are my three favourites.

Rest in peace my dear friend.

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