In the spirit of good coffee at Sanctuary Café

Let's face it. In 2017 our world is not exactly where it should be. There are still many countries where girls don't have the right to education or decent health care. Where girls do have access to education, the representation of women on boards is ridiculously low and the gender pay gap is still widely existent. Every news broadcast we watch male leaders Donald Trump and Kim Yong-un treating the world as a sand box to fight each other's egos and wonder why the heck female leaders such as Angela Merkel and Theresa May won't get more cred.

The so-called democratic Western world is still comprised by countries where gay people are not allowed to get married. Australia's former PM Tony Abbott, who ironically has a sister who's gay, is pushing the anti-gay movement as if his life was depending on it. What a slap in the face for family loyalty Mr Abbott.

And then there was a light in the tunnel...A red rose among the thorns...An artisan coffee on a dull autumn day.

The Sherriff Centre hosts a café, a Post Office, a gift shop and a playground. Ohhh...let me highlight that The Sherriff Centre is in a CHURCH - St James' Church. They're a social enterprise organisation with all profits from their businesses going to charity.

St James' Church also proudly flags the gay pride flag as it stands on prime West Hampstead location. This is a church that actually gets it. What this dark world is missing is what this church provides:

Community. Understanding. Love. Inclusiveness. Equal rights.

The cool large playground has rainbow striped fencing. The sign in the café area says that if it was good enough for Jesus, then of course I can breastfeed in this church. Thank you for letting a woman feed her child without having to be embarrassed of performing one of the world's most important tasks.

So allow yourself a sacred moment over spiritually good coffee to reflect over the things that actually matter.

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