Religiously good coffee at Saint Espresso

This independent coffee house in Angel is the definition of hipsteresque. Its industrial groovy interior incorporates bare brick walls, black steel structures and solid dark wooden tables.

Liv is fascinated by the rough patches and black cords creeping across the grey ceilings and walls leading to pendant copper lamps with protruded light bulbs.

I'm listening to the jazzy tones filling the warm ambience of this speciality coffee house letting it transfer me to last November spent in New York. The autumn rain is smattering the tall windows as I am gazing out on busy Pentonville Road at the heart of Angel. After all, autumn is quite a cosy season and seems to ignite the creativity that took holiday during sleepy summer days.

This place is definitely one of my favourite spots in north London. The friendly hip baristas have a burning passion for espresso; they even roast and sell their own beans. A small collection of yummy pastries and toasties is on offer and there's lots of space for a pram (even our big Bugaboo one).

Address: Angel House, 26 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9HJ

Instagram: @saintespresso


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