Wee in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is stunning. It's like walking through a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones film set. I'm fully expecting to run into a wand shopping Harry Potter or discuss how winter is coming with Jon Snow over a mug of beer.

Cobble covered steep streets. Foggy mist sweeping over dramatic hills, castles, gothic tins and towers. Misty rain, chilly winds and welcoming warm pubs with open fires and a hundred choices of whisky.

I think I'm the only person with a pram.

Edinburgh is known as the birthplace for Harry Potter; J K Rowling wrote the first books at a cafe with her baby in a pram.

And yet this enchanted place is not at all a magical place for babies since many restaurants and pubs have no licences to allow children under 5 at its premises after 6pm. They much prefer loud drunk old farts.

And once directed to the one children friendly restaurant (OX184) in town it’s as if I’ve been put on stage acting out a controversial play feeding my baby in front of a gallon drinking mocking audience. Tits on show and a very uncomfortable mama. C'mon people - in this day and age?!

Whisky and VIP treats for Liv plus her entourage

It's smoky. It's strong. It burns your chest. One must drink it whilst in Scotland. The whisky place we choose first doesn’t appear to like prams either (what's news?) but yet they give us the VIP-suite of the house. Rain smattering on the windows. We’re having whisky and the yummiest sticky toffee pudding ever in the warmth inside. Liv is already our pass to access all areas.

Artisan coffee & healthy breakfast

I didn't have much time but made it my mission to find at least one good coffee place. Managed to find a brilliant gem for artisan coffee: Dovecot Cafe by Leo. Perfect coffee and award winning brownies - winning combo for a second breakfast. ;)

Another great place for breakfast with plenty of pram space is Hendersons with a very delicious and nutritious breakfast on offer.

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